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In this video we will discuss some key features of One Church Software. This video provides just a brief overview of our church software organization tools.

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In this video, we will discuss some key features of One Church Software. This video provides just a brief overview of our church software organization tools. We encourage you to sign up for a live demo to go deeper and to better understand how One Church Software can help equip, organize, and grow your church through technology.

00:23 – People Directory

People are central to the life of your church, and therefore, people are a central component of our platform. We offer everything you need to help manage and track a person’s involvement within your organization. You can even add custom fields to record information unique to your church. People can be grouped into families, an individual can be designated as the head of a particular family, and they can update information specific to their family on their own without the assistance of an administrator.

00:55 – Communication

We also make it easy to communicate with individuals in your church. One Church customers can send emails, text messages, and voicemail in bulk or individually. Query builders provide a way to target exactly who you want to communicate with based on any criteria; our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop email designer will allow you to create beautiful emails, which can be sent immediately or scheduled for a later date. Also, email templates can be created to manage a consistent look and feel every time you share information through email.

01:28 – Workflow & Automation

Our automation suite is a powerful part of our platform, because it allows for quick and intentional follow-up, which is critical for people to get connected or to receive care.

You can create workflows that mirror your organization’s manual processes, whether that is following up with a first-time guest or responding to a prayer request submitted online. With One Church Software you can automate emails, send text messages, update person profiles, create assignments, and more to provide a personal touch to the automated workflow. You can create triggers which will add people to the correct process without the need to do so yourself. With our automation suite, your church can ensure that people are receiving the proper information and care that they need.

02:18 – Online Form Builder

Using our powerful form designer, you can easily create custom forms to start collecting sign-ups, general information, and even payments. Whether you are collecting baptism sign-ups or event registrations, our fully customizable forms make it easy to collect the information you need.

Once the form is designed, you can embed it directly into your web site, share it on social media, or email a direct link of the form. You can also add it to a SMS keyword for others to receive via text. All submissions are stored in an easy to understand format. As well, you can be notified when someone completes one of your forms. Form submissions can be linked to workflow processes to automate what happens when someone completes the form or gives specific responses. This is a powerful option which goes far beyond simply collecting information.

03:10 – Groups

Groups allow you to organize people around a common interest. With One Church Software, you have easy access to all of the your groups in one centralized place. You can use groups to track attendance (manually or via the check-in system), schedule volunteers, communicate with members, share documents, and more. Each group has privacy settings which allows control over visibility and how new members can be added. You can assign one or more leaders to help manage their group, and groups can appear on the church calendar.

03:45 – Events

Our platform provides a full featured event management system which allows you to create events, manage and invite guests, track attendance, design custom sign-up forms, and even collect payments for each registration. You can organize these events into distinct calendars for which members of your organization can view and sign up. You can also control which events are public and which are private. Also, the facilities management tools let you manage the backend administration of making the event happen, such as booking rooms and other resources.

04:22 – Children’s Check-in

Children’s check-in makes safety and security a priority. A check-in station can be a computer, tablet, or phone. Check-in stations can add first-time guests and check them in all in the same flow. It’s easy to use, customizable, and can be connected to a barcode scanner and label printers.

04:45 – Volunteer Scheduling

With One Church Software, you can schedule volunteers easily using our drag and drop interface. Also, with our mobile-friendly design, your volunteers can accept or decline with ease by using their smartphone or other devices. (show mobile UI too) The system keeps track of your volunteers serving preferences and block-out dates. You can even open up serving needs so that the whole church can sign up.

05:12 – Financial tools

Access to giving statements and giving online is easy with One Church Software. We support one-time, recurring, and text giving via credit card and ACH. Your members will be able to set up recurring payments, give to a specific cause, and even split their contribution between multiple donation initiatives. In addition, your members have the option to give on behalf of their business. With our software, your church can easily create an online giving portal and embed it directly into your church website. Also, no login is required for your members to safely and securely give online.

With One Church software’s financial tools, your leadership also has access to a giving pledge management system with easily accessible reporting to tell if you are currently ahead or behind for a particular campaign. These are just some of the feature in our financial suite.

06:09 – Reporting Tools

With One Church’s reporting tool, your church can create customizable dashboards to keep up with metrics that are important to your ministry. Our powerful query builder allows you to write ad-hoc reports which return people matching the filters you set. The results come back lightning quick too, so you can spend more time analyzing instead of waiting. Results can be viewed in table format, pie chart, bar graphs, line graphs, and even mapped onto a map of the area. They can also be exported to CSV. These results are also actionable. You can create mail merges, address labels, send communication, and more.

Ministry is about reaching people for Christ, discipling, and caring for them well, while helping them to live on mission. We want to partner with you in ministry so that you can focus on how God has uniquely gifted you to lead His church.

Our desire is to provide software tools that help you minister more effectively to your members, volunteers, and community.

We encourage you to sign up for a free trial and to schedule a live demo with one of our software experts.

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