Church Reopening – Registration & Waitlist

Church Reopening – Registration & Waitlist

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States have different requirements for churches that are planning to reopen after the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) quarantine. If your state is limiting the number of attendees or requiring attendance records, then you will likely need a system to help manage these requirements. Below is how you can use our Events Module and custom Form-Builder to reopen your church after COVID more smoothly.

If you’re asking people to register for a service and would like to create a waitlist, you can accomplish this by creating a form with a required item/ticket field setting the max number of tickets based on availability (maximum number of attendees or tickets allowed “Availability Field”). 

*Limits per person section: The minimum would be set to 1 so that every submission would have at least one. It’s also recommended to add a maximum so that one person doesn’t “sell out” the service.

Once the available tickets run out, the “Service” will read SOLD OUT on the form. You can create as many Services as you are making available to your community within the same item/ticket field (see above). When those tickets are SOLD OUT, the only other option is to select the Waitlist service option, which is unlimited in Availability (leave those fields empty).  

Within the submissions tab of the form, you are able to see who registered and how many seats (tickets or attendees) they registered. 

Make sure you are clear in the description of what it means to choose Waitlist and what will happen if availability opens up. 

I would also suggest adding a required check box field that provides expectations for your attendees along with health and safety guidelines. 

After your form is complete (and listed), you can link directly to the form’s URL, share via the Social-Share buttons, or you can connect it to your Event.

If you need more help creating an Event see the article below. 

How to create an Event. >>

Keep in mind that you can also create email confirmations and automated follow-ups to your form submissions. For more help on reopening your church after COVID or building forms, follow the link below.  >>

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