Complete & unlimited check-in solution.

Safe & secure church check-in system with unlimited check-ins and check-in stations.

Self Check-In

Allow members to check-in via a secure and private phone number search or by using the pre-check in feature on the My One Church App.

Manned Stations

Any device with an internet connection can be a check-in station. Quickly find an existing members or add an entire family on-the-fly.

Family & Group Check-in

Check in the entire family at once. The system is smart enough to check each individual into their own class or group.

Give parents & guardians peace-of-mind.

Provide safety, security, and report-ability around your events and gathering with our check-in system.

Customizable for your ministry needs.

Brand your check-in station using your church colors or to differentiate between different sessions during the same event (e.g. kids check-in vs. volunteer check-in).

More Kids Church Check-In Features

Promote Grades

With our automation suite your can move children from one grade to the next all at once with a click of a button.

Attendance Tracking

Track attendance via our cloud based check-in system, print an attendance marking sheet or a check-in roster with bar codes.

Customer Support

We are here to help! Customer support specialists are available via email and chat.

Safe Volunteers

Require clear background checks on volunteers through our integration with Protect My Ministry.

Check-ins for All

Use check-ins for groups, volunteers and other ministry areas to track and manage attendance.


Customize your attendance reports to track trends in absences and find people you want to follow up with.

Your church check-in software doesn’t need to be isolated from your church management system. Our all-in-solution allows for check-in, reporting, groups and more to be seamlessly connected.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, When someone checks in using a precheck-in QR code from our mobile app, the check-in system will now automatically check them in and print any applicable labels — all without needing to touch the screen, mouse, or keyboard. This will happen if all the individuals checking in are tied to a group allowed by the check-in session. If there is no applicable group, or the person checking in isn’t allowed to for some reason, the station will pull up the family to allow resolving the issue.
Yes, you can enable “pager numbers” for an event. With this enabled, children will be assigned a number upon checking in. Those same numbers will be visible on the security label as well (up to 4). You can use this to “page” parents in the congregation when their assistance is needed in the children’s area.
Yes, you can have one check-in station check in both kids AND volunteers together. For example, let’s say a family of three comes to church. The mother is on the greeting team while the two children need to check into the kids ministry. You can have the system check them into their individual classrooms (or other) and you can print out labels for each person, the normal labels for each of the two children and a special greeters label for the mother… all from the same station!
You can authorize any web-ready device such as phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. as a check-in station. Important: check-in stations must have access to the internet to function properly.

Yes, you can print directly from iOS or Android devices using Brothers printers. You can also print remotely from these devices to stations running Mac OS or Windows.

Learn more about which label printers our system supports HERE.

Yes, you can add guests or first-time visitors to the system (along with editing existing profiles) at a check-in kiosk, if the station is set to allow editing of person profiles.

The mobile app allow for an individual or family to precheck-in, meaning they will receive a QR code or Barcode on their mobile device which can be scanned at a check-in kiosk when they arrive at the church.


Windows/MacOS printers

iOS/Android printers

Yes, you can create custom labels but only if you use Dymo printers. Zebra printers work with One Church Software but you cannot customize those labels.
Yes, you can generate a marking sheet for manual/offline attendance tracking.
Yes, the check-in roster will include the person’s name as well as a barcode for scanning within the check-in system.

On iOS/Android devices, you can use the built in camera to scan barcodes. No external scanner is needed.

If using the Windows or MacOS versions, you can use an attached webcam as a scanner. However, this may not always be feasible. In those cases, you can use an external scanner.

If the check-in station will be using an external scanner, make sure the device scans with a CR suffix. Read the owner’s manual for the scanner to see how to set that option. To text if it does, open up notepad (or similar), put the cursor on a line and scan a barcode. If the barcode text appears and the cursor goes to the next line, then it is set up correctly.

If you plan on scanning QR codes as part of the pre check-in process within our mobile app, you will need a 2D scanner. Here is a link to one on Amazon. Note that the camera on the iOS/Android app supports QR code scanning. So does the webcam option on Windows/MacOS.

Note: For Tera scanners, we recommend you set the Transmission Speed to High. Please see your owner’s manual for instructions.

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