Discover how Calvary Chapel Miami improved its administrative processes, enhanced communication, and saved money by using One Church Software as their all-in-one software solution.


Prior to adopting One Church Software, Calvary Chapel used multiple disconnected software solutions for communication and general administration. These systems were not only expensive but also complicated for their congregation to learn and navigate.

They faced challenges in managing membership data, coordinating volunteers, tracking donations, scheduling events, and maintaining effective communication among staff and congregants. These obstacles hindered their ability to streamline administrative processes and fulfill their mission to serve and engage their community. They needed an all-in-one, church-centric software to simplify and unify their backend operations.

Calvary Chapel Miami is a non-denominational church located in the Tamiami neighborhood of Miami, Florida, with over 2000 members.


One Church Software provided Calvary Chapel with a single, comprehensive solution that housed all their ministry tools and data in one system. This eliminated the problem of multiple logins to disconnected systems, each with its own user interface and learning curve. Calvary Chapel’s leaders found One Church Software intuitive and easy to navigate. The software enabled them to manage various ministry initiatives—from volunteer scheduling to event management—under one roof, greatly simplifying their administrative tasks.

Calvary Chapel also benefited from One Church Software’s communication tools, which offer text messaging, unlimited emails, and push notifications. These features, along with custom forms and automation, resolved their communication struggles. By migrating to One Church Software, Calvary Chapel was able to eliminate five different software products, resulting in a 35% cost savings.


Calvary Chapel utilized our free data migration services and account setup, completing the entire process in about two weeks, which is typical. The church also benefited from our individualized training and onboarding process, which included live, church-specific training.

Additionally, One Church Software provided Calvary Chapel with implementation resources to aid in launching the new software system to their congregation.


The leadership of Calvary Chapel Miami expressed their satisfaction by stating, “We wish we had started using One Church Software sooner.” This powerful statement highlights the church’s enthusiasm for the software and underscores their positive experience.

One pastor shared that One Church Software exceeded their expectations by enhancing communication with the church body and simplifying backend operations. By consolidating multiple services into one, the software streamlined Calvary’s operations and reduced costs. The user-friendly nature of the software was praised by both the administrative team and the congregation.

One Church Software’s responsive customer support stood out, surpassing that of other providers. The integration of various functionalities, including event management, tithes and offerings, text and email communication, and more, impressed the church leadership. Additionally, the financial reporting capabilities of One Church Software proved crucial for Calvary Chapel Miami, providing thorough and detailed financial reports that met the church’s specific needs.

By implementing One Church Software, Calvary Chapel experienced tangible benefits and positive outcomes, including improved communication, increased efficiency, and cost savings. This testimonial highlights the significant impact the software had on the church’s operations and member satisfaction.


– Eliminated 5 Different Software Products

– 35% Savings in Software Costs

We wish we had started using One Church Software sooner!
Adrian Cabellero

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