API, Webhooks & PraiseCharts: New Feature Releases You Need to See.

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As a church leader, you need a software system that operates well and reduces the amount of time it takes to maintain. Our all-in-one technology solution is designed to free up your time so you can focus on what you do best—ministering and caring for people.

But as technology updates, upgrades, and transforms at the speed of light, there are more and more ways to streamline your systems and open up new possibilities to serve your church well and bring resources right into the hands of your staff and volunteers.

We are constantly working to bring these updates to your church through regular tech releases. New this past month are some exciting integrations with PraiseCharts and opportunities to integrate with third-party applications through a public API and Webhooks. While some of these updates are highly technical, the practical applications to make your day-to-day operations run smoothly are endless!


PraiseCharts features a large, online sheet music catalog of popular praise and worship songs offering lyrics, chords, stage charts, vocal chart arrangements, orchestrations, plus multi-tracks and patches, all ready to download and play. It has been one of the go-to options for worship leaders and churches across America. 

Now with a PraiseCharts integration in One Church Software, you can access your service plans, complete with sheet music, in one place! With this integration, you can go into services with confidence knowing that the resources for your worship music are easily accessible and organized for your teams. 

Enable with your current One Church Software plan by accessing “Service Planning” from the left-hand menu and selecting “Song Integrations.” Imported song files will be available to all users across your system with the integration enabled. Sheet music can be linked to a song in One Church Software which makes it easily accessible across all future service plans.

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API & Webhooks

Alright, this one is more for the development nerds out there. Share this with your Developer!

Application Programming Interface (API) is what allows two systems to communicate with each other. This opens up a whole world of possibilities to have a third-party application interact with One Church Software on-demand. Whereas Webhooks are essentially “messages” you can set up to trigger actions in third-party applications that are published in real-time.

This is a big moment: You now can integrate One Church Software with your custom app for your church, third-part application, or other software you have developed.

Some of the current webhook events that can be subscribed to are (more are coming soon):

While our API allows a third-party application to interact with One Church Software on demand, webhooks send information to third-party applications to perform an action based on an event that occurred in One Church Software. These features are a bit techy so you’ll want to grab your tech guy or gal to help understand what specific opportunities this will open up for your church. All the details are in the full release notes linked below!

*API and Webhooks are only available on the Plus and Premium plans.*

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