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5 habits for productivity

Maximizing productivity is an aspiration of every leader. The trouble for many is prioritizing tasks, which can be difficult when everything seems to be a priority. The most productive people have a clear understanding of what needs to get done and when. They are able to put aside distractions—and they don’t confuse being busy with […]


5 Ways to Use Texting in Your Church

You’ve likely noticed that fewer and fewer people in your church bring a hard copy of the Bible, opting to use a Bible app on their smartphones instead. We have the power in our pocket to do any number of things from reading the Bible, taking notes, surfing the web, and responding in the moment […]

5 Benefits of a Check-In Station at Your Church

You may wonder if using a check-in station is the right call for your church. It may seem like it’s just a fancy new piece of technology that is nice, but is it really necessary? The truth is that the purpose of using check-in system software is not just about technology; it’s actually to make […]

How to Know if a Church Giving Solution is Secure

The world seems to be moving at lightning speed. The days of passing an offering plate to collect cash and paper checks are pretty much obsolete. With this shift to more convenient ways to tithe like text-to-give, online giving, and in-app donations, the security of user information has to be top-of-mind. But how do you […]